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Learn about the future.


We translate cutting edge innovations and technologies into simple and engaging stories that everyone can understand.

We believe that when you give young people the freedom to follow their own path and regular support and guidance when they need it, something amazing happens... they become more engaged in their learning and ultimately more successful in their exams and their careers.

The problem we are solving...

Traditional schooling doesn’t work for everyone. There are millions of school students who have enormous potential and talent but are trapped in an educational system that holds them back. Often all that's needed is a single spark; a book, a video, a story, an idea, a mentor or an experience that captures their imagination and brings out their innate passion for learning.


However, finding that spark is tough. Where do you go? Who do you ask? That's why we are building WildSchool.

Our Solution: A digital jungle of inspirations, encounters & adventures.

Our jungle will bring together three things...


1) Engaging & relevant content


We curate and design inspiring content about the future. What are the big ideas, technologies and innovations that are going to shape the world in 10-20 years? What skills should students be developing to thrive in this new world? What lessons can we learn from today's entrepreneurs, researchers, inventors and business leaders?

This content will be the source of inspiration that will guide each student through their own unique learning adventure.


2) A peer-to-peer learning community


We make it easy for students to find and connect with likeminded peers, mentors and experts based on shared interests and causes. Learning with and from others can provide great motivation.


3) Offline adventures


Deep learning only happens when a student leaves the computer screen and tests their new skills and ideas in the real world. That’s why we also connect our students with a range of local workshops, events and courses.



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TED Talks that inspire us...

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