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Meet Joe the Bus


How did Joe the bus driver become the right man in the right place at the right time to make Human Shields happen?


His story is biographical. 

Explaining the unlikely circumstances by which he came to be so uniquely equipped for this, his defining adventure.







His story is a travelogue.

Recounting anecdotal tales from 3,000
miles on the road. The breakthroughs and breakdowns, comedy of errors and divine interventions by which this haphazard band of activists was delivered overland from London to Baghdad.

His story is a testimony. 

Revealing the hand of God on this trip and in his life. How faith changes lives and makes the impossible possible, and how Spirit moves in activist circles, on the road, even in the Middle East.


What They're Saying About Humanshields

The idea was simple. The buses would travel overland from London to Baghdad picking up anti-war protesters as it went. When the passengers reached Iraq they would volunteer as human shields, taking up residence in key civilian locations across the country. Relying on the assumption that Western lives would be valued more than Iraqi lives by the allies, the shields hoped to deter bombing by the coalition and maybe even avoid war altogether.


The reality - logistical nightmares, mechanical failures, bitter in-fighting and condemnation by the press and politicians - worked out differently.


- Marcus Webb, Delayed Gratification: The Slow Journalism Magazine

Book Joe the Speaker

A decade on, could this epic tale help to renew the energies of a diverse social justice movement both inside and outside the church? 

Human Shields will:

Tell the story of chief protagonists in this against-all-odds political action of the century through a unique, multi-perspective narrative style. In-depth character biographies and curated anecdotes from over 3,000 miles of breakdowns and breakthroughs. 

“ ridiculous. Some people will take offence at what I’m saying...but you’re stupid, you’re an idiot.” - Ken the Instigator, ex-marine. 

Reflect upon and renew through a contemporary lens the enduring legacy of non-violence as the only viable path to sustainable reconciliation in the face of seemingly intractable conflict. How did our intrepid explorers experience this conflict, both inside and out? What is Human Shields legacy for political activism and theories of change? How did this intervention make a difference to the lives of ordinary people in Baghdad? 

Build a shared sense of optimism to re-invigorate diverse social movements by an open invitation to authentic leaders in the fields to add their voices to Human Shields call to action. Why is non-violence the only reliable foundation upon which we might build the better world our hearts know is possible?



Invite Humanshields to Your Event, Church or Campaign.

The Human Shields story is indicative of a wider, deeper social movement - with relevance to believer's and non-believer's alike - which represents this project’s target audience.  We will use our unique testimony to advocate for non-violence in political activism in times of seemingly intractable conflict.


The ultimate Tour Bus

 Joe and his double decker buses have literally hundreds of thousands of miles of experience “on the road.”

A characterful pop-up Cafe

Our buses will transform your carpark into a memorable pop-up “meet and greet” event space within minutes.


An extraordinary Soapbox

Over the years we've adapted our buses into experienced and versatile campaign tools, complete with a full public address system!  





An unmissable Billboard

Because nothing makes an impression quite like a double decker! Advertising campaigns driven by London buses are proven to be successful.

An intimate recording Studio

Previously hired by the South African Broadcasting Association and Channel 4, our buses have been successfully deployed as a recording studio for live TV!








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