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Today, we have an opportunity to not only imagine the future we want, but to actually built it. We are using the Euboea bioregion as a place and a platform for re-imagining how we live, work and learn in the 21st century. Our goal is to go beyond just talking about the future, but to actually start making the steps required to make it happen. This journey will not be easy and so we have establish a few simple values to guide us.
Learning to respect the individual within the context of the collective
Being aware of our own blindness and prejudice
Open-sourcing our knowledge and data
Believing that we can achieve more through collaboration than competition
Taking the time to dream big about our lives and the impact that we can make
When we take the time to slow down and really listen to our deeper selves, we bring to the surface the realisation that we are all part of one ecosystem. Everything and everyone is inter-connected. This realisation needs to be core of how we design the world around us.




Long ago in the 1960's, before the rise of smart phones and social networks, Bucky Fuller, a visionary engineer and systems thinker proposed a World Game. His intention was every bit as simple as it was mind-blowing.  


"To make the world work for 100% of humanity in the shortest possible time through spontaneous cooperation, without ecological offence or the disadvantage of anyone." 


In a world without skype or slack, Bucky glimpsed on a distant horizon a new reality of collective action and consciousness that would make possible an economic and cultural renaissance. He dedicated his life to playing out his World Game, one new innovation and breakthrough design at a time. 




Fast forward half a century.  Our world hangs in the balance. Governments and organisations across the world are beginning to wake up to the fact that business, society and environment are interconnected and that many of the systems and institutions that we have today are no longer fit for purpose. We are also beginning to see the transformational potential of exponential technologies that enable us to spread ideas, prototype solutions and inspire action like never before. 



As we struggle to keep pace with the economic, social and ecological impacts of unprecedented mobility and hyper-connectivity, we find ourselves face-to-face with a unique opportunity to fundamentally re-think and re-make almost every aspect of our lives. Where others see crisis and collapse, we see opportunity and adventure. We don’t ask for permission, we make things happen. Come and join us. 

Our mission is to create transformational places around the world, where communities and organisations can come together to imagine and prototype new solutions to the world's increasingly complex challenges. 
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