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Our Programme


WildSchool presents a dissertation-style assignment for each pupil around the topic of 'The Future'. This fuses the worlds of modern literature, current affairs, business and technology. Our goal is to give students the flexibility to explore and shape their own learning as much as possible, while also making sure they develop core literacy, teamwork and leadership skills along the way.


How it works


Throughout the WildSchool programme students will be working towards a final assignment which will consist of writing a research paper, delivering a group presentation and making a 2 minute video all on the topic of 'What does the future look like?'.


Being deliberately broad and abstract, similar to a university dissertation, it allows the pupil to shape the content around their own passions and interests.


Then, our 1-1 tutorials, group sessions and digital jungle are designed to provide maximum support and cultural capital so the assignments can happen to a high level.


For example, this is how a typical week could look like...


A student explores our digital jungle and reads an extract from Harper Lee's To Kill A Mockingbird and watches a video on Amazon CEO and founder Jeff Bezos giving a graduation speech. The challenge is to come to the tutorial with half a page of A4 on the similarity between Atticus Finch (lead character in To Kill A Mockingbird) and Jeff Bezos. This completed challenge sets a context and a foundation for wider discussion (e.g. what does future leadership look like), one-to-one tutorials and group work. In this example a group session could be focussed on learning how to deliver a speech like Atticus and Jeff. 


Regular bootcamps, workshops and one-to-one tutorials are designed to provide inspiration, guidance and support. However, the real impact will come outside of the classroom, in between sessions, when students dive deeper into our digital jungle and work with their peers to overcome challenges and develop their own project ideas.



Our Teaching Methodology


We believe that when you give students a real world challenge, the freedom to follow their own path and regular support and guidance when they need it, something amazing happens... students become more engaged in their learning and ultimately more successful in both their exams and their careers.


Our programme is designed to find an effective balance between individual and group work. The digital jungle and tutorials provide a space for each student to develop and explore their own ideas and interest. The group activities provide a community learning experience, where students can openly reflect on their tutorial insights and develop their project ideas with their peers.


All WildSchool tutors and facilitators will have a deep understanding of coaching and user-centred design. Our goal is not to teach students, but to provide the guidance and support their need to learn together in their own way. Throughout the programme we will harness the following proven group learning models:


  • Harkness table style debates: small group of students debating over issues they have brought to the table. These are completely peer-led and WildSchool team members will act as ‘good participants’.

  • Challenge events: where students will showcase their work to external audiences after recieving a project brief from employers.

  • Social and Emotional development workshops: for example, how to not be nervous when public speaking.

  • Expert talks: from industry leaders to spark inspiration and discussion.


We also believe that having relatable tutors and facilitators (e.g. GEN Y - university students and graduates) to provide guidance will make a significant impact on levels of trust and engagement.



The Digital Dimension


A key ingredient that enables WildSchool to deliver significant impact on learning within a short space of time is the way we use technology. We understand that putting content online is not enough to create engaging learning experiences. We design technology in a user-centred way that saves time and money, but does not compromise on quality.


To support the bootcamps, group sessions and tutorials we give students access to a digital jungle that guides them through the WildSchool programme.


Our digital jungle has:


  • Career stories from digital entrepreneurs and business leaders.

  • Inspirational videos on what the future entails

  • A discussion wall (e.g. like a Facebook group)

  • A toolbox of ‘life skills’ and ‘digital tools’ that students can use to overcome their personal and group challenges. Our hope is that this toolbox will become a lifelong resource for our students.

  • A flexible curriculum of challenges that the students can explore and shape based on their personal passions and interests.


The digital jungle is not only fun for the students, but it is also great for educators. Our technology enables us to capture real-time data and feedback on how much students are engaging outside of out their group sessions. Gone are the days of paper based end of lesson assessment forms. Through our digital jungle (a.k.a. online community learning platform) we are able to embed automatic feedback loops into the learning journey of each student.



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