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About the Founder

Hello, my name is Anton Chernikov and this is my story...



















When I graduated from UCL in September 2010 I was certain of one thing... I didn't want to be an architect. Instead, I wanted to see if I could make it in the world of business. The only problem was that I had no business experience, no network and very few marketable skills. On the other hand I did have boundless enthusiasm and a willingness to pitch my ideas to anyone who would give me the time to listen. 


Eventually, after a year of experimentation and freelancing I finally decided to join forces with Richard Tyrie to start a social enterprise called GoodPeople. Within fifteen months we had raised significant funding from Nesta, The Cabinet Office and The Big Lottery Fund. We also managed to secure deals with BT and SELLAR (the developers of The Shard) to deliver on their social responsibility objectives. 


In September 2013, after two rollercoaster years at GoodPeople, I decided to leave my role as Founding Partner to start my own entrepreneurial adventure... The Exponentials.


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