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Our aspiration is to establish a Development Trust (Euboea Foundation) with the intention of raising significant funds to catalyse and support our regeneration efforts.
Key themes that Evia Foundation will seek to addess will include:
Local Access Fund
In order to make our events and programmes accessible to local Greek talent we need to create a fund that offers scholarships and sponsorship. This fund will create an incentive for Greek students and entrepreneurs who now live and work elsewhere in Europe or the United States to return home to Greece.
Bioregional R&D Fund
We want Evia to become a European Hub for sustainability innovation and research. We want to demonstrate that community architecture, integrative design and multi-disciplinary crowd-sourced innovation is possible. We intend to draw on significant EU funding and engage key European philanthropists to prototype new solutions in the fields of farming, eco-tourism, construction, transportation, healthcare, energy and education.
Pension-Scale Investment and Multi-Stakeholder Governance
We say no to Venture Capital because we don't want to be locked into destructive patterns of profit maximisation. We want to scale organically with impact loans, share issues, crowdfunding and mixed economy grants. Our approach is to fairly share risks and rewards with all our stakeholders in a transparent and honest way. We want to open source the legal structures and governance models so that other entrepreneurs can follow a similar path.
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