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We take the hassle out of hosting an event or renting a property on Evia.
We have already done the hard work, mapping out the most appropriate locations and connecting with the best local talent. Our multi-stakeholder cooperative is a UK Registered Society; we speak perfect english and know what it takes to deliver a world-class service. Ultimately, it is the small details that make all the difference.
Retreat Labs.
We work with purpose-driven organisations, educational institutions and large businesses to design bespoke retreats and co-working labs on Evia. Whatever your business challenge or learning objective, we can create and hold the space you need to establish genuine creativity and innovation.
Network Convergence.
We work with anchor institutions and ambitious startups to co-faciliate transformative and impactful network convergences. When you are remotely co-working on the leding edge it can really help to take the time to deeply reflect on your culture and process. 
Experience Design.
We work with experience designers from across the world to co-create amazing holidays, weddings and parties and other diffusion activities for our clients. We consider the full sensory experience and make a modest budget go a long way.
Let's get creative... 
Contemporary Venues. Bespoke Itineraries. Value for Money.
We pride ourselves on being able to create authentic, beautiful and transformative experiences within a lean budget. Give us a challenge and we will make it work.
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Strategic Advantages



  1. Our Vision. We're prototyping a local cooperative travel agency on Evia, designed to help promote the people and places which make this island special while sharing the benefits of new business development with all our stakeholders.

  2. Our Strategy. Whether venue owners or event co-producers, our members voluntarily pool 10% of income earned via the agency to help cover our costs. We reinvest all profits in local community projects and co-learning opportunities like Agile Evia (coming soon).

  3. Our Experience. We have a proven track record in running events from retreat labs to micro-festivals, building complex multi-stakeholder communities and accelerating startup businesses from the ground up. 

  4. Our Tribe. We're building an agency which brings together Evia's most amazing people and invests in their common future. #OwnedByTheCrowd

  5. Our Destinations. We've mapped stunning venues, world-class tavernas, off-piste escapes and little known adventures, making the very best of Evia accessible all in one place. We speak perfect English and know that it's the little things which make all the difference. 

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