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Today, we have an opportunity to not only imagine the future we want, but to actually built it, one neighbourhood and community at a time. 


A new collaborative, pro-social economy is emerging. Leaders in every industry and corner of the world are beginning to wake up to the fact that business, society and environment are interconnected and that many of the systems and institutions that we have today have become too big and are no longer fit for purpose. We are also beginning to see the transformational potential of exponential technologies that enable us to spread ideas, prototype solutions and inspire action like never before.

Our vision for Transform Evia is to contribute to and accelerate this inevitable paradigm shift towards a more conscious and collaborative world. We want to provide a home to the entrepreneurs, artists, activists, builders and makers who want to build our world in new and inspiring ways.

The Plan

Demonstrating a new model for economic and cultural development

A live work studio and co-working space, which can also be used to host retreats & leadership programmes

A maker-space and building workshop used to design and build semi-temporary facilities

A landscape led micro-festival & eco-resort infrastructure with additional event production services

A smart residential village where residents can build out their dream homes and spaces

A New Model for Rural Regeneration.
Cities are becoming super expensive. Rural economies are struggling. Land prices are dropping. A new generation of entrepreneurial, digitally nomadic creative professionals is emerging who want to design and live in fundamentally different ways to previous generations. We see this as an unique opportunity to re-imagine how we live, work and play in the 21st century.
We will start by partnering with existing landowners and using their estates and infrastructure to host a dynamic and visionary events program. This will enable us to demonstrate demand, establish local partnerships, build credibility with funders and show that we know what it takes to create transformational shared experiences.
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