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Euboea Developments
We are curating and co-producing a diverse spectrum of retreats and micro-festivals in order to attract the talent that we need to regenerate the Region of Euboea into one of Europe's most innovative destinations. 

The Plan

Demonstrating a new model for economic and cultural development

Below are the key facilities we plan to build out at Faracla...

A live work studio and co-working space, which can also be used to host retreats & leadership programmes

A maker-space and building workshop used to design and build semi-temporary facilities

A landscape led micro-festival & eco-resort infrastructure with additional event production services

A smart residential village where residents can build out their dream homes and spaces

Below are the key events & programmes we plan to host...

IO Retreat. Elysion Festival. Landstory Convergence. Birthstory. Archetype Apprenticeships. Vilivo Labs. Futurescape Accelerator. Farmagedon Accelerator. StartupAid Campus.

Exploring new agri-business solutions to regenerate the Greek economy

A one year

design-led conscious business accelerator programme

Prototyping the refugee camp of the future in response to the migration crisis

Want to launch a micro-festival in Greece?
Strategic Advantages



  1. Our Vision. By combining the concepts of a festival venue, entrepreneurial campus, eco-resort and small residential village we can create a truly unique and commercially viable development. 

  2. Our Strategy. We are adopting a MVD (minimum viable development) approach, where we start with building out semi-temporary structures and spaces in order to host events, retreats and micro-festivals on the site.

  3. Our Experience. We have a proven track record in running micro-festivals, building multi-stakeholder communities and accelerating startup businesses from the ground up. 

  4. Our Networks. We have strong networks and connections to influencers within Greece and internationally who are aligned with our vision.

  5. Our Site. Greece is the ideal location and we have a site ready to go, with access to local support, facilities and knowledge.

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