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A new wave of 'purpose-driven' tourism is emerging.


Individuals, families and organisations are searching for beautiful locations in Europe to run retreats, micro-festivals and conferences. They don't just want to lie on a beach and stay in a nice hotel. They want to connect, learn and co-create with like-minded people from across the world. Most importantly, they want their stay to positively impact upon local people and place.

We believe that this island region of Evia can become a leading European destination for this new emerging tourism market.

Retreat Labs.
We work with purpose-driven organisations, educational institutions and large businesses to design bespoke retreats on Evia. Whatever your business challenge or learning objective, we can create and hold the space you need to establish genuine creativity and innovation.
Start-up Studios.
We work with startup teams who have just secured funding to rent out a large venue for their team and co-faciliate a transformative and impactful retreat. When you are about to scale it really helps to take some time to deeply reflect on culture and process. 
Experience Design.
We work with experience designers from across the world to co-create amazing holidays, weddings and parties for our clients. We consider the full sensory experience and make a modest budget go a long way.
We know what it takes to be successful online. That's why we also provide marketing, branding and digital communications support for both clients and property owners.
Strategy. Branding. Websites. Communications. Social Media. Data Management. E-commerce. Crowdfunding.
We partner with organisations looking to run events and venues looking to host events. We help them grow their sales. We also set up back end communications and data management processes and dashboards so we can learn what works and what doesn't over time. Finally, we help our clients recruit and train an in house communications and sales team.
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