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Origin Club
"The perfect gift to show you care."
Our first Transform Evia venture is the Origin Club, an ethical e-commerce platform that helps small farmers sell and distribute their products online.
How it works:

We source the best products produced by small local farmers.

We sell their products online using social media and email marketing.

We reinvest all profits back into the regional communities and farming
cooperatives which make the Origin Club possible.

We adopt a multi-stakeholder ownership structure so that purpose always comes before profit.

We ensure competitive pricing by cutting out the retailer, organising bulk shipping and encouraging customers to signup to monthly subscriptions.

The first step in creating a world of genuine abundance is encouraging greater financial transparency and collective ownership within the food industry.
We need to create systems that ensure that the food we buy is fairly priced and distributed. Our ultimate goal is to establish a leading ethical brand and e-commerce platform that is collectively owned by our community of producers, distributors and customers, whilst also fairly distributing risks and rewards across the supply chain. 
The Crowdfund

Origin Club will be launched via a £10,000 crowdfunding campaign in October 2016. All profits will be reinvested in a critical R&D phase to map local opportunities in Central Greece and build partnerships in the UK. 

We plan to use the momentum and market validation generated by a successful crowdfunding campaign to make a more ambitious Community Share Issue in Spring / Summer 2017.


Our immediate intention is to establish a proven track record in connecting producers in Central

Greece with consumers in niche markets in the UK. From here, Origin Club will invite participation from local food champions across the EU.

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