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Potential Development Sites


Euboea is the second largest island in Greece. We have access to the Candili estate and Faracla property. The Candili estate currently includes a workshop and studio space, library and commercial kitchen, permaculture garden and x3 swimming pools, plus events space and accommodation for 50+. There is also 10,000 acres of mostly agricultural and productive woodland available on the Candili property.


We are in the process of purchasing a nearby 800 acre Faracla Estate, which is a beautiful, biodiverse, fertile and underdeveloped bioregion. We plan to transform Farakla into a part eco-resort, part festival venue and part entrepreneurial campus. In time, we will also seek to move into building smart homes and neighbourhoods across Euboea. Below is a selection of potential development opportunities in central and northern Euboea.

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Rural Co-working Hub / Startup Studio
...with affordable accomodation nearby.
800 Acre Faracla Estate
Eco-Resort, Micro-Festival Venue & Smart Village for Millenial Families
Imagine a place that combines a festival venue, co-working space, eco-resort and small residential village. We will be able to host a wide range of retreats, learning programmes and micro-festivals as well as provide live/work studios for some of Europe’s leading entrepreneurs and startups.

Faracla Property

Vlachia Beach Rennovation
A community-owned pop-up bar and camping site
Vlachia School & Agile Learning Centre
Abandoned community owned building next to the church
Vlachia Co-Housing
Several families come together to buy land and share the costs of construction
Olive Grove House
Create a garden for growing and experimenting with natural and medicinal oil based health & beauty products that can be sold online.
Micro-Festivals at Candili
We are looking to extend the Candili Estate from a capacity of 56 people to a capacity of 200 people. We will be raising funding to build out the necessary pop-up facilities to make this happen on the nearby fields.

Demonstrating a new model for economic and cultural development


Our plan is to use the Candili Estate as a launchpad to facilitate retreats and start planning the transformation of the 800 acre Faracla site into a mixed-use entrepreneurial campus, micro-festival venue and curated eco-resort. 


Candili Estate

United Church Development
We convene religious groups to co-invest in a united development
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