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Are you Ready for an Encounter?
May 29th - 2nd June 2017, Candili Estate, Evia
Flexible pricing options available

This summer a diverse community of believers will gather on the stunning Candili estate for 5 days of fellowship, co-creativity and celebration. This is an opportunity for new and old friends to connect, refresh and unwind with each other in the presence of the living God. But there is a deeper purpose too. 

#Assembly will bring together an interdenominational community of believers called to radical discipleship in times of Great Tribulation. 

We believe in God's promise of a coming restoration of all things.

United Church will help to make known a re-imagined mission field on Evia's most fertile and diverse bioregion. Transform Evia is a startup venture building on foundations laid by two extraordinary gatherings in summer 2016, hosted by the spectacular POY and IO Collectives.

In 2017 we're ready for lift off.
#Assembly is our Annual General Meeting with Jesus as CEO.

Part decelerator, part accelerator, our vision is for 50% immersion and encounter, and 50% purpose-driven co-creation focused on establishing United Church's groundbreaking mission on Evia. 

Every bit as much as we gather to cross-pollinate and spark collaboration, we come together to build culture, deepen fellowship and seed trust. Expect a gentle pace punctuated by group activities and guest speakers which, from time to time, overflows in spontaneous worship and prophetic word. 

Is this the Right Moment?

Evia is a uniquely biodiverse and fertile land; an underdeveloped municipality only 2 hours from a major European hub. Willing landowners, pioneering small holders and resourceful collaborators are already active in the region.


Despite a convergence of debt, refugee and climate crises, we have seen that a critical mass is imminent in the home of beautiful Orthodoxy. There is an opportunity to prototype the future here. Let's start by inviting the presence of God into this place. 

We know that the technology, strategies and trainings we need for an abundant life already exist, prepared in advance.

What's missing is our common identification as children of the living God; an intimate knowledge of perfect love which makes the impossible possible.

The global church is the world's longest enduring, most influential and wealthiest human institution, with a proven track record over thousands of years of seeding innovation and catalysing social change. 

It's 2017, time to step boldly into the Promised Land once more with strength and great courage. 

Over 5 days of co-creative play, we aim to map possibilities and gather insights related to three key themes of:

Demonstrating a new model for economic and cultural development

A vision and strategy to establish Evia as a leading European hub for purpose tourism and rural co-living.

A transition to 100% renewable energy and development of key micro-industries within an open source circular economy

A landscape led festival site and other key community architectures for the promotion of local cultural ectivities

A supportive framework for the adoption of agroecology within the wider context of community supported agriculture

Living in the Gift

Jesus changes everything. A simple gospel. 

Following the Way

Learning by doing. Leaning into our experience of paradox. 

Building the Ark

To build and to plant. Thy Kingdom Come.

 #Assembly speaks boldly into this reimagined mission field as United Church's launch and flagship event.  

Over 5 days of collective soaking on the Candili estate we will hold space for a Spirit-filled daily programme.

0800: Breakfast

Traditional Greek and fusion cuisine, prepared by the Candili estate

0900: Worship

Live worship led by Catch the Fire, Bournemouth (UK)

1030: Session 1

Living in the Gift - A New and Ancient Story

1200: Lunch 

 Picnic on the beach (optional) or by the pool

1500: Worship

Live worship led by Catch the Fire, Bournemouth (UK)

1530: Session 2

Flowing with the Spirit - With Clive Jackson of Father's House, Shaftesbury (UK)

1700: Open space

Prophetic word and storytelling

1800: Dinner

"Breaking bread and eating together with glad and sincere hearts, praising God."

2000: Diffusion activities

Sharing circles, authentic Greek dance masterclasses, folk music jams, Spirit-filled cinema and more.

Participants will buddy up as 1-2-1 peer facilitators to hold space, listen and respond patiently prayerfully.

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

― R. Buckminster Fuller

Let's find that perfect balance between giving and receiving. Let's bring Heaven to Evia this summer. 

Where better than a Greek island paradise to build and to plant for the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible?


The Candili estate offers authentic Greek and fusion cuisine, accommodation for 35, stunning period gardens, dance and pottery studios, community library and three swimming pools.

Full participation including accommodation, food and internal transfers will cost €500 per person, with bursaries available and discounts for families.

Our belief is that an authentic encounter with our Father God can only be enhanced by stepping boldly over the threshold into playful co-creativity. United Church is our canvas, and we invite you to be part of our strong and courageous storytelling from the very beginning.


Join us for our annual #Assembly, in 2017 and beyond.

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